E-Ink新品:Freewrite推出特別版Traveler Ghost,透明機身的專屬魅力

E-Ink new product: Freewrite launches special edition Traveler Ghost, with exclusive charm of transparent body

I don’t know if you still remember that half a year ago, we introduced the Freewrite Traveler , an electronic ink typewriter specially designed for writing? With its simple design, lightweight body and long-lasting battery performance, it allows users to focus on writing. This uniquely positioned product does have a certain audience in Europe and the United States. Recently, they launched the Traveler Ghost with a very eye-catching transparent body .

Freewrite said that the Ghost version is inspired by the future technology of the Y2K era. The transparent shell made of polycarbonate allows users to peek into its internal structure, bringing a new perspective to the writing process. From Dave Grohl’s transparent guitars to the Nintendo controllers of my childhood, transparent technology has always fascinated people and even became a popular trend in the 1980s and 1990s.

Traveler Ghost has the same functions and parameters as the regular version, and the price is $599. Since the official said that this special edition will only be produced in one batch for the time being, if you are interested, please seize the opportunity.

Freewrite Traveler Ghost official website purchase page

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