E-Ink產品:Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch

E-Ink Product: Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch

Everyone should be familiar with Fossil, an American fashion brand. Their watches are one of the most popular brands in the United States. Since the release of the first smart watch Q Founder in 2015, Fossil has been exploring and developing in the field of smart watches. Its design style of combining traditional shapes with smart watch functions is also widely recognized and supported by the public.

By 2023, the Fossil Smartwatch series has also developed to the sixth generation. This generation is divided into several series. Among them, the surface of Gen 6 Hybrid uses E-Ink display, so its battery life exceeds two weeks. The rest of the series are colored Amoled.

The Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch introduced this time has a stylish appearance and is available in three colors: light pink, black and navy blue. It features a metal finish and a slanted time ring, along with physical hour and minute hands that continue to move across the screen as users switch between apps and other functions.

In terms of smart presentation, this model mainly provides health functions. It has GPS to accurately track the user's exercise, monitor steps, heart rate and calories burned. The watch also offers automatic exercise tracking, which can also be done by itself when the user forgets to initiate a walk before starting a walk. It also features sleep tracking, which provides sleep stages and duration, and uses the watch's SpO2 sensor to understand the quality of the user's rest. Special note that it can only withstand 3 ATM water pressure, which means it is safe when washing dishes or in the rain, but not necessarily suitable if you need to use it for tracking in swimming. Users' activity data can optionally be synced with Google Fit and Apple Health, which shows the watch's compatibility with iOS and Android phones.

It can connect to any system smartphone to receive notifications, but it only has Alexa as a voice assistant option, and the watch doesn't have a speaker, so it can't answer. In terms of built-in features, it has entry-level features like a timer, weather report, music controller, and customizable watch face options.

Fossil's attempts on smart watches have brought one more choice to those who want to enjoy the convenience of smart watches without too many functions, and at the same time have the appearance of traditional elegant watches. This time, Gen The 6 Wellness Edition Hybrid Smartwatch is even more attractive because of the strong power performance in exchange for the use of E-Ink.

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