E-Ink新品跟進:延遲兩月後,聯想的旋轉雙屏筆記本ThinkBook Plus Twist終於登場

E-Ink new product follow-up: After two months of delay, Lenovo's rotating dual-screen notebook ThinkBook Plus Twist finally debuts

Lenovo (Lenovo) released the distinctive ThinkBook Plus Twist at CES®2023 on January 5, with an OLED panel on one side and a color e-ink screen on the other, and said it will be available in June. After a delay of two months, the new product is finally officially launched in China.

For the basic specifications and features of ThinkBook Plus Twist, please refer to the previous report , and add some information this time. Although it is equipped with dual screens, its weight and thickness are well controlled. It weighs 1.35 kg and has a thickness of 15.8 mm. As for the eye-catching 12-inch color ink screen, the official still has not clearly stated which color E- Ink technology is only mentioned as a "new upgrade". As for the color ink screen, Lenovo provides a 12Hz dynamic mode and a 6Hz reading mode for users to switch freely according to their needs. In addition, the built-in Lenovo Reader program allows users to directly open PDFs. /TXT/Mobi/EPub four formats, making it a large-screen reader. For the dual-screen feature, when the user rotates the screen 180 degrees, the screen content will automatically switch and display.

The most attractive feature of ThinkBook Plus Twist is of course the rotating dual-screen design, but there is always one side of the screen facing the outside, which has the opportunity to withstand impacts, which is worrying. Therefore, Lenovo also specifically mentioned in the promotion that this new product has passed 12 tests based on the military standard MIL-STD-810H (note that the wording in the advertisement does not refer to the official passing of the military standard test, which may refer to In-house lab testing), including mechanical shock testing, may give users more confidence in its durability.

The ThinkBook Plus Twist sold at the official ThinkPad Jingdong self-operated flagship store has only one version of i7-1355U/16G+512G, priced at 11999RMB, and the official said it will be shipped on August 14. By the way, there is no specific date for its overseas release yet.

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