E-Ink新品跟進:BOOX Tab Mini C及Page與上一代規格差別分析

E-Ink New Product Follow-Up: Analysis of Specifications Differences Between BOOX Tab Mini C and Page and the Previous Generation

After reporting the two new products of Onyx BOOX yesterday, the response was very enthusiastic, and many readers asked: Tab Mini C and Nova Air C; what is the difference between Page and Leaf2. So today I will explain the difference to you.

It is also 7.8 inches, Tab Mini C is compared with Nova Air C, the panel is upgraded from Kaleido Plus On-Cell to Kaleido 3, the black and white is also 300PPI, and the color display is increased from 100PPI (resolution 624x468) to 150PPI (resolution 936x702), although the same It displays 4096 colors, but the image will be displayed more delicately, and the color saturation has also increased by 30%.

In terms of hardware configuration, the two also use the highest-end and most powerful Qualcomm 662 among the current BOOX models, but the Tab Mini C is also equipped with an independent display chip, which makes the refresh performance a level higher than that of the Nova Air C; RAM is also controlled by 3GB increased to 4GB. Regarding the ROM, in addition to the upgrade from 32GB to 64GB, there is one thing worth noting, that is, the Tab Mini C adopts the UFS2.1 specification. Compared with the Air C, it is only eMMC, which has advantages in read and write speed and power efficiency. There will be obvious differences when reading large third-party apps. In addition, Mini C has more G-Sensor than Air C, which can automatically sense and switch between horizontal and vertical steering. The battery has also been greatly increased from 2000mAh to 5000mAh, but since the Tab series is equipped with an independent display chip, the power consumption is also much larger, so it is still unknown whether the Mini C can last longer than the Air C . What is surprising is that the Mini C battery is so much bigger, and the official weight is 4 grams lighter than the Air C (264g vs 268g). However, the thickness is thicker than the 6.3mm of the previous generation, which is 8.3mm, but the length and width are the same (196*136.5mm). Finally, Mini C has a black body, which is similar to the dark green of Air C, but it is different.

Comparing the Page with the same 7-inch Leaf2, although the screens of the two also use E-Ink Carta1200, 300PPI, both the Page and the black Leaf2 are flat screens, while the white Leaf2 is not a pure screen; in terms of hardware configuration, Page is There is a more obvious increase. Although the ROM is the same as 32GB, the processor is switched from the entry-level Qualcomm QCM2290 to the high-end Qualcomm 662; the RAM is also increased from 2GB to 3GB (finally!), and the battery is also increased from 2000mAh up to 2300mAh. In the case of the same body size (both official labels are 156*137*6.0mm), Page changed the two physical keys from the left side to the right side, and the official weight also increased to 195 grams (the black Leaf2 is 185 grams, White Leaf2 is 170 grams). Other Bluetooth, speaker, G-Sensor, TF card and other settings are all equipped in the same way. By the way, Page is only available in black for the time being, unlike Leaf2 which has black and white options.

The four models mentioned above are all running Android 11 system.

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