E-Ink new product follow-up: Bigme officially launched the new B251 series of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, including color E-Ink monitors and AIO computers

A few days ago, we reported to you that Bigme will launch a color E-Ink All-in-one PC . Today (September 27), crowdfunding officially started on Kickstarter, so I will introduce the details to you immediately.

First of all, Bigme’s crowdfunding project originally had two products, one is a 25.3-inch B251 color E-Ink monitor using E-Ink Kaleido 3; the other is the B251 All-in-one PC, which uses the former as the monitor.

Let’s first introduce the B251 color E-Ink display. It has a 25.3-inch screen with a 3K, 3200x1800 resolution. It boasts Bigme’s self-developed xRapid display chip, which significantly improves image refresh and display. It is present in scrolling documents, playing videos and For web browsing and other situations, it is equipped with warm and cold dual-color headlights. What is interesting is that in addition to manually adjusting relevant display parameters and refresh modes, the B251 series also supports voice control operations. In addition, the display also has two-channel stereo speakers, which are claimed to provide users with an immersive audio-visual experience. And it can easily switch between horizontal and vertical display, which is also very convenient for users to meet different application needs. B251 supports wireless connection solutions such as Miracast, Airplay, DLNA and Chromecast, allowing users to seamlessly connect their mobile phones or tablets to the monitor at any time.

In addition to the above features in the display, the B251 All-in-one PC is equipped with a 12th generation Intel i5 processor (model not yet announced), 16GB RAM and 1TB ROM (not announced whether it is an SSD), and the operating system It's Windows 11.

Bigme has launched a super early bird price for this crowdfunding product, limited to 50 people on the first day. The B251 color E-Ink monitor is US$1,299; the B251 All-in-one PC is US$1,899 and is expected to be shipped in December this year. From the next day, the normal crowdfunding prices will return to US$1,499 and US$1,999. In addition, Bigme also offers a package of B251 All-in-one PC plus InkNote Color+ Lite for US$2,298 and a package of B251 All-in-one PC plus monitor for US$3,198. The above four options are expected to be shipped in January next year.

Bigme B251 Series Kickstarter Funding Page

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