E-Ink產品:EZ Door Sign(2nd Gen)──小巧電子標籤,豐富您的日常生活

E-Ink product: EZ Door Sign (2nd Gen)──Compact electronic tag that enriches your daily life

Today I would like to introduce to you a lightweight and easy-to-use E Ink electronic tag─EZ Door Sign (2nd Gen). It has a unique three-color display function of red, black and white, and measures only 87×42×12 mm, slightly smaller than a business card. The main selling points of this product are its flexibility and convenience. Users can change the displayed information, such as "in the room" or "absent", by pressing the buttons on the side of the fuselage, to adapt to various situations.

The device is packaged neatly and comes with a quick manual and a magnetic base for easy removal when charging. It is worth mentioning that the EZ Door Sign uses a USB Type-C port for charging, and its 230mAh battery can last up to 6 months under normal use.

Another feature of the product is its ability to display five different messages or uploaded logos, thanks to its 2.9-inch, 296×128 pixel display. In addition, this door sign can also display information vertically, further expanding its application scope.

Users can also customize text or upload images in PNG, BMP, and JPG formats through the free Windows-specific tool "EZ sign". Although limited to red, black and white, it is sufficient for displaying simple logos or messages.

Users can design refreshed content through exclusive programming.

This EZ Door Sign is not only a practical digital door sign, but can also be turned into a small information board according to personal needs. It is priced at 3,880 yen. Interested users can order it from Amazon Japan .

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