New E-Ink product: Evernote(China) launches 10.3-inch EverPAPER, flaunting professionalism and intelligence

On May 23, China's Evernote released the 10.3-inch EverPAPER ink-screen AI office notebook, emphasizing that the new product is deeply integrated with the Evernote(China) program and focuses on improving users' office efficiency.

Let me talk about its basic specifications first. EverPAPER uses a 10.3-inch black and white E-Ink glass screen with a resolution of 1872x1404 and 226PPI. It is equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. There is no mention of Bluetooth function and TF card can be inserted, and it is estimated that it does not support it. It is worth mentioning that it is only 4.65mm thick, which is the thinnest of all existing 10.3-inch E-Ink devices, but the weight of 415 grams is only quite satisfactory.

EverPAPER has a built-in Elephant GPT AI writing assistance engine. You can click "AI" on the note page to write articles, outlines, and create stories for users. It can also be used to translate, summarize, simplify, and correct note content.

In addition, Evernote(China) emphasizes the importance of handwriting experience. In addition to supporting 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and an electromagnetic pen with an eraser at the end of the pen, the screen also adds a custom paper-like film to enhance the writing experience.

The manufacturer also emphasized the new function "handwriting". Users can write in handwriting or English in the note, and when they lift the pen, it will be converted into text in real time through the AI handwriting recognition function. In addition, it supports handwritten mind maps, which will be transcribed in real time as soon as you lift the pen, and then allow users to edit and drag the chart nodes.

EverPAPER has another function worth introducing. It supports wireless projection to Android, Windows and Mac devices. After projecting to a Windows computer, EverPAPER can be reversely controlled on the computer.

This new product is on pre-sale from May 23rd to 31st, the price is 2199RMB, and it is expected to ship on June 4th.

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