E-Ink新品:E Ink x Sharp 42英寸 電子紙海報

New E-Ink product: E Ink x Sharp 42-inch electronic paper poster

This cooperation can be regarded as a strong alliance. E Ink Yuantai Technology announced yesterday (March 29) that it will cooperate with Sharp to launch the electronic paper poster (ePaper Poster) kanban application. These digital posters have been exhibited at exhibitions in Japan and around the world, confirming their market potential through marketing campaigns. As the first step of this cooperation, Sharp will launch a 42-inch black and white electronic paper digital poster display (ePoster) in the Japanese market in early April 2023.

With its unique patented electronic paper technology, E Ink has innovated the revolutionary electronic paper product market with the characteristics of no screen change and no power consumption. The electronic paper technology realizes the transformation of paper into digital dynamic display while maintaining high visibility and convenient portability. Since entering the digital signage business in 2005, Sharp has provided one-stop digital display solutions to meet the needs of multiple usage scenarios, including planning, production, consulting, system construction, installation and maintenance services. Combining the respective strengths of the two companies, this electronic paper digital poster was born. Not only does it consume no power during display, but the display effect is better in brighter environments. Sharp will use its expertise in digital signage installation and operation, as well as its service network throughout Japan, to replace paper posters in areas where it was difficult to install digital signboards with electronic paper digital posters. In the future, the cooperation between the two parties will focus on the development of large-size or color electronic paper displays, and will also plan to develop the electronic paper poster market and expand the global electronic paper signage business as a new tool for disseminating information in the era of carbon neutrality.

Looking forward to the official launch of Sharp's electronic paper posters in early April, we will further report its technical and specification details for you.

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