E-Ink新品:掌閱iReader推出最新升級型號Neo 2

E-Ink new product: iReader launches latest upgraded model Neo 2

Following the launch of new products by Onyx Boox and Hanvon on February 26, the next day (February 27) it was the turn of iReader to launch its 6-inch upgraded model Neo 2. Unlike Hanvon Clear6, which boasts a large battery, an open system and entry-level pricing, the Neo 2 focuses on its screen and reading experience.

The iReader Neo 2 screen uses the latest Carta 1300 panel in E-Ink black and white, with a resolution of 1072x1448 (300 PPI). It also uses a full lamination process and a non-flat screen design to improve the clarity. In conjunction with the independent display chip that Palm Reader has adopted since last year, it brings AI dynamic refresh and 3D simulated page turning animation effects; it is also equipped with a Comfortlight headlight system with 30 levels of adjustable brightness and color temperature, bringing users the current level of The best text display effect and reading experience.

In terms of hardware configuration, Neo 2 uses a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, and a 1700 mAh battery, which is not too small for a 6-inch reader. Officials say it supports up to 44 hours of use. And its weight of 149 grams can be considered quite light. In addition, the device is also equipped with a gravity sensor, external speakers and a microphone.

iReader Neo 2 is available in two colors: Shen Mo and Advertising. The net price is 1,099 RMB, and the pre-sale discount is 989 RMB. This time, iReader Neo 2 also comes with three page-turning key protective cases (Elegant Black/Monet Canal/Monet Rice Field). ) is available for users to purchase in the form of a package, priced at 1188RMB, with a pre-sale discount of 1078RMB. Interested users can make their own purchases at its JD.com self-operated mall flagship store .

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