E-Ink新品:DASUNG大上科技Paperlike 253 U──世界上首款曲面 25.3吋 E-Ink顯示器

New E-Ink product: DASUNG Paperlike 253 U──The world's first curved 25.3-inch E-Ink display

Recently, Dasung launched a new generation of products - Paperlike 253 U, which is a professional desktop monitor equipped with a 25.3-inch curved E INK display screen. Consumers can choose from four versions of the product, including a corded version, a wireless version, a corded version with headlights, and most likely the most popular of consumers, a wireless version with headlights.

The most prominent feature of the Paperlike 253 U is its 25.3-inch Retina curved E-ink black and white screen. The 4000R arc is closer to the natural visual perception of the human eye. It has a wider viewing angle and can read more information at one time, bringing a better user experience. . And the resolution of 3200 x 1800 can provide detailed picture quality of 3K level. If you choose a model with a headlight, the light does not shine directly into the user's eyes, but illuminates the entire screen evenly.

The back of this monitor is equipped with a variety of ports, including multiple USB ports, HDMI ports, DisplayPort and USB-C ports, which can be easily connected to Macbook, Mac computer or PC. The wireless version is equipped with 2.4G+5G dual-band transmission, which brings extremely low latency and strong anti-interference ability, supports Miracast/AirPlay transmission technology, adapts to more devices, and realizes stable and efficient wireless signal transmission. In addition, the product also rarely has a 3.5mm headphone jack for users to listen to music, and there is a switch to switch the screen between landscape and portrait modes.

This product also uses DASUNG's patented Turbo High-Speed Refresh technology, which brings a refresh rate close to that of an LCD screen. The product also provides three built-in image modes: [Graphic Mode], [Text Mode] and [Video Mode] to meet users' different needs for image quality, and is very suitable for web browsing, programming, e-book reading and For basic image viewing and other tasks, its large screen also supports split-screen and multi-window operations.

In terms of pricing, the wired version of the Paperlike 253 U is $1,798 and the wireless version is $1,948, while the wired version with headlights is $1,898 and its wireless version is $2,048.

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