E-Ink new product: DASUNG expands Paperlike series, 13.3-inch HD naked screen version debuts

Two days ago (January 15), Dasung Technology officially announced that it has added a new member to its Paperlike series - the 13.3-inch Paperlike HD naked screen version.

In fact , the 13.3-inch Paperlike HD is not a new thing. However, in the past, the 13.3-inch size only used the old design style. There were only Paperlike HD-F with no touch and dual-color front lights, and Paperlike HD-FT with touch and front lights. This model has switched to the latest metal body design. The Paperlike HD launched by DaShang this time is a model without touch and front lights. It also adopts a new body design. Since the touch layer and front lights are missing, the screen background color is whiter and the display will be clearer. Also brings cheaper prices.

This is the old Paperlike HD. (Source: Dasung Technology)

The rest of the parameters of this new product are the same as those of its two brothers. The screen also uses a 13.3-inch E-Ink Carta1250 panel with a resolution of 2200x1650. It is also equipped with Dasung Turbo high-speed refresh technology and supports both Type-C and mini-HDMI connections. method, and also comes with a magnetic protective cover .

This 13.3-inch Paperlike HD naked screen version is now on sale in Dasung’s self-operated flagship stores on JD.com and Taobao . The initial price is 4099RMB, and there is a promotion of 100 yuan off when ordering. Compared with the 4349RMB of HD-F and HD-FT The price of 4549RMB does give users one more option.

Dasung has launched this new model in its overseas official online store at the same time, priced at US$698. HD-F and HD-FT are attached for comparison, the former is US$748, and the latter is US$798.

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