E-Ink新品:大上DASUNG推出13.3吋雙功能E-Ink平板Not-eReader 133

New E-Ink product: DASUNG launches 13.3-inch dual-function E-Ink tablet Not-eReader 133

Dasung DASUNG added a new member to its Not-eReader product line on October 25th - Not-eReader 133, a 13.3-inch dual-function E-Ink tablet. Speaking of its latest competitor, it was actually the 10.3-inch tablet Not-eReader 103 three years ago.

This Not-eReader 133 is equipped with a 13.3-inch E-Ink screen, using the latest E-Ink Carta1250 panel, with a resolution of 2200x1650 and 207PPI. Its aluminum alloy body is equipped with CNC integrated engraving technology, which gives it a high-quality feel. The hardware configuration is similar to the Not-eReader 103. It also uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and 4GB RAM, and also has a warm and cold dual-color headlight. This 133 is equipped with a larger 128GB ROM; in addition, it also has Dashang’s signature DASUNG Turbo High-speed refresh technology. The rare 3.5mm headphone jack and the ability to insert a TF card are also worthy of praise. Unfortunately, three years later, it is the same as 103. The system is still using the Android 9 version and has not been upgraded to the newer Android 11/12, which is not enough as an open system.

The biggest selling point of Not-eReader 133 is that in addition to being an E-Ink tablet, the fuselage is also equipped with an HDMI port. After connecting to a computer, it transforms into an E-Ink monitor. It also has two HDMI ports on the top of the fuselage. Physical keys can directly adjust contrast and full-screen refresh; there are also buttons on the right to adjust the display mode. In particular, the official will include an HDMI cable with the box for users.

The initial special price of Not-eReader 133 is 5399RMB, and it is available in stock at DASUNG’s own JD.com and Taobao stores .

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