E-Ink新品:音樂與科技的結合──Cream Guitars推出可變色電子紙結他

New E-Ink product: the combination of music and technology──Cream Guitars launched a color-changing electronic paper guitar

Cream Guitars has launched a guitar equipped with color-changing e-paper display technology. The ability to change the color of the guitar on the fly during a show adds a new visual dimension to concerts and performances.

The guitar features the E-Ink Prism 3 color-changing electronic paper display technology that wowed the exterior of the BMW iX Flow SUV at CES. Now, this technology is also applied to the guitar. From what can be seen in the video, the guitar can be switched between different colors and controlled via a smartphone app, but the total number of colors available is unknown. The player can connect the guitar wirelessly through the mobile phone, and control the color change according to the rhythm and emotion of the music, presenting a fresh visual and auditory experience for the audience.

In addition to guitars, Cream Guitars also plans to apply color-changing electronic paper display technology to other musical instruments. They believe that this technology will bring a new creation and performance platform to the music industry. Whether it's a piano, a violin or a drum, it may become the next musical instrument equipped with color-changing electronic paper display technology.

Cream Guitars is an emerging brand from the UK. After two years of exploration, it launched two patented products, Voltage and Revolver, in June last year. It is committed to providing innovative musical instruments and equipment for music lovers. Cream Guitars has not launched this new product using E-Ink Prism 3 to the market, it is considered an experimental exploration, if you are interested, please continue to pay attention to our future follow-up reports.

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