E-Ink新品:文石Boox推出25.3吋E-Ink顯示器Mira Pro前光版

New E-Ink product: Boox launches 25.3-inch E-Ink display Mira Pro front-lit version

Boox launched the 25.3-inch black and white E-Ink display Mira Pro in December 2021. Compared with similar competing products, DASUNG's paperlike 253, at a cheaper price, it has established itself in the niche E-Ink display market. has a certain audience. Nearly two years later, Boox has launched an upgraded version of Mira Pro.

Except for the addition of a cold and warm dual-color frontlight, this Mira Pro frontlight version has the same parameters as the Mira Pro without frontlight version. It continues to have an aluminum alloy body and a 25.3-inch black and white E-Ink display with a ratio of 16:9 , the resolution is 3200x1800, and of course it is equipped with Boox’s signature BSR fast brush technology. Its dual speakers and the ability to easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens also add to its usable scenarios.

For users who need to use computers every day and focus on watching the screen for a long time, Mira Pro, which can avoid strong stimulation caused by blue light and stroboscopic light to damage the eyes, is an excellent solution. However, Boox’s product, which is priced at 9299RMB, faces competitors such as DASUNG and Bigme, both of which have released 25.3-inch color E-Ink displays. This time Boox seems to be a step slower. I don’t know if it can What about impressing consumers?

Mira Pro front-lit version JD.com page

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