E-Ink新品:Boox Palma──文石的新探索,手機大小的Tab系閱讀器

New E-Ink product: Boox Palma──Onyx Boox's new exploration, a mobile phone-sized Tab reader

Following the Page and Tab Mini C in June, today (July 11), Onyx Boox released a new product out of the blue, which is also their new attempt--BOOX Palma. It looks like a smartphone, but it's actually a phone-sized ereader.

First introduce its basic hardware specifications. BOOX Palma uses a 6.13-inch E-Ink Carta1200 screen with a resolution of 824 x 1648 and 300PPI. The clear display brings a good and comfortable reading experience. The size that can be held in one hand (159mm x 80mm) also allows users to easily put it in their pockets or bags and enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

The biggest selling point of BOOX Palma is that it is equipped with BooxTab series discrete graphics chip, which has BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology, allowing the device to refresh and slide smoothly like ordinary mobile phones/tablets. Coupled with the Qualcomm octa-core processor (estimated to be Qualcomm 662) and 6GB RAM, performance is also guaranteed. The 128GB ROM and support for inserting TF cards also ensure sufficient memory. In addition, the device runs the open system of Android 11 with built-in Google Play. The large battery of 3950 mAh ensures the battery life for daily long-term use, but the weight can also be kept at a light 170 grams.

Another selling point of BOOX Palma is that it has customizable side buttons, allowing you to personalize settings according to your usage habits, which is more convenient and quicker. In addition, it is equipped with dual microphones and speakers for voice calls and social applications, as well as audiobooks and music listening. The back features a 16-megapixel camera and an LED flash, which users can use for taking photos and scanning documents.

The design concept of BOOX Palma is to allow you to have a reading space exclusive to you, away from digital interference, focus on reading, and enjoy the fun of reading. Please note that it is not a mobile phone, does not accept a physical SIM card, and does not support eSIM.

BOOX Palma is Onyx Boox's attempt to explore new sizes. This time the pre-sale is marked as Early Adopter Edition. The official said that the first batch of users can give priority to trying out various new features in the future, and can get a free TPU protective case (black/ivory white) Two colors, sent randomly). At present, this new product is only available in limited quantities on the official website of BOOX International. The pre-sale discount price is 249.99 US dollars, and it is expected to ship in August.

BOOX Palma official website introduction and pre-sale page

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