E-Ink新品:文石Boox Palma正式版登場──更多選擇,更高價格,更精緻包裝

E-Ink new product: Boox Palma official version debut─more choices, higher prices, more exquisite packaging

Boox officially launched the mobile phone reader Palma on its overseas official website today (September 19). Following the release of the limited Early Adoption Edition ( portal ) on July 11, this is Palma’s second appearance, which also brings some new ideas. Let us introduce it to you in detail.

The first item is that in addition to the black model that has already appeared, this time there is a white model option, and even the cover frame other than the front screen is also white, which is truly all white; and the black buttons are also turned into metallic silver. To match the white body. Very attractive to white lovers.

The second item is the difference on the screen between the two. On the specification sheet of Boox's overseas official website, it only lists the screen as " 6.13" HD Carta 1200 screen " and does not mention the difference between the two. However, according to the product introductions of Boox from Hong Kong and BearBoss from Taiwan, the black model It uses an AG (Anti-Glare) flat screen, which is achieved by applying a special anti-reflective coating on the glass surface, which can effectively reduce screen reflection and glare, and its hardness and scratch resistance are also better; white This model uses a PMMA flat screen. PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a transparent, hard plastic material with good optical properties. It has excellent optical transparency, but is weaker than glass in scratch resistance. . Comparing the two materials of glass and PMMA, in simple terms, both have excellent optical properties. Glass has better hardness, but is relatively heavy and fragile. PMMA is lighter, but has poorer hardness and wear resistance. It is worth noting that it is not yet known whether there is any difference in the anti-glare effect between the two.

The third item is that unlike the all-black box of the Early Adoption Edition, on the box of the official version is marked with "BOOX".

The fourth item is the price increase. At that time, the price of the Early Adoption Edition was US$249.99, and now the official version is priced at US$279.99. The first batch of users who order through the official website will still receive a TPU material protective case (black/ivory white) consistent with the body. The black model is already available In stock, the white model will be shipped on September 29th.

The rest of the hardware configuration and features are no different from the Early Adoption Edition. Readers can refer to earlier reports for details. ( Portal ) If you want to know the physical texture of Palma and its protective case, you can watch the unboxing video released by the owner Jichen last week.

Boox Palma Boox overseas official website


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