E-Ink新品:文石Boox正式發售中國限定版最新7吋彩機Leaf 3C

E-Ink new product: Onyx Boox officially launches China limited edition latest 7-inch color machine Leaf 3C

After half a month of warm-up , Onyx Boox officially launched the latest 7-inch color phone Leaf 3C in China today (February 26). Let the editor report to you the characteristics of this new e-reader and how it compares with the Leaf. 3 What are the differences.

Compared with the black and white Leaf 3, the biggest change of the Leaf 3C is of course the adoption of the latest E-Ink Kaleido 3 panel, making it Boox's first 7-inch color reader. Its black and white resolution is 1680x1264 (300PPI); the color one is 840x634 (150PPI). In addition to the panel, Aragonite has also brought a hardware upgrade to the Leaf 3C this time, from 3GB RAM to 4GB RAM, and the ROM has also doubled to 64GB! Other hardware, such as processor (Qualcomm 662), battery (2300 mAh), external speakers, G-Sensor, TF card support, system version (Android 11) and mold (also 6mm thick and 190 grams in weight), etc. All the same as Leaf 3. Regrettably, looking at Aragonite’s official live broadcast conference, this Leaf 3C is only available in black. I wonder if there will be a chance to launch a white version later?

In addition, this new model of Boox is an in-depth cooperation with Bilibili Comics and is exclusively adapted. The device has its own optimized E-Ink version of the comic book store built into the device. With the adjusted color display effect, the colors are claimed to be clearer and brighter. Better reading experience.

Boox's first new model in 2024 is priced at 1899 RMB, with a first-release discount price of 1799 RMB. Interested readers can go to Aragonite Boox to order at the flagship stores of their respective malls in China.

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