E-Ink新品:俄羅斯獨家的特色6吋型號──文石Boox Livingstone 3

E-Ink new product: Russia’s exclusive 6-inch model─Boox Livingstone 3

I don’t know if you still remember that Boox has launched variant models in Russia that are different from the overseas version. Last time, it was the Kant, a weakened version of the Palma mobile phone . This time, the 6-inch Livingstone 3 is very different from the overseas version of Poke5, and has exclusive features!

This Livingstone 3 is equipped with the latest E-Ink Carta 1300 display (resolution 1072x1448, 300PPI), which has a 25% response speed improvement and a 20% contrast increase compared to the previous generation product, but it uses a non-flat screen design. In terms of screen display effect alone, it is better than Poke5 and Page.

In terms of hardware configuration, Livingstone 3 is similar to Poke5. Both have a built-in quad-core 2GHz processor, equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, and also support TF cards. But this Livingstone 3 is more attractive for two reasons. One is that it is equipped with a large 3000 mAh battery while maintaining a lightweight weight of 165 grams, which is twice that of the Poke5! However, the price is an 8.8mm thick body; secondly, the protective case it comes with has two page turning buttons on the right side, which can respond sensitively even when wearing gloves.

The protective case connected through the pogo pin on the back of the machine is equipped with two physical page turning keys. (Image source: HWP)

If you are looking for reading time and display quality, as well as portability requirements , the Livingstone series, which has developed into its third generation and sells for about US$200, is indeed a good choice, but it needs to be purchased from the Russian online market .

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