E-Ink新品:文石Boox推出2024版Poke5,升級至Carta 1300面板

New E-Ink product: Boox launches 2024 version of Poke5, upgraded to Carta 1300 panel

On March 13, Boox launched the 2024 version of Poke5 in China. It is different from the Poke5 released in May last year. The main reason is that the E-Ink panel has been upgraded from the original Carta 1000 to the latest Carta 1300. The remaining specifications There is no change, and the pricing has slightly increased from 999RMB to 1029RMB.

What difference will this panel upgrade make? In fact, the latest Carta 1300 is not mentioned on the official website of E-Ink Technology. It only introduces that the Carta 1100/1200 will "increase the response speed by 20% compared to the Carta 1000, and the contrast ratio will also increase by 15%." According to the publicity of reader products using the Carta 1300 panel in the past year, it will bring better response speed (increased by 25%) and contrast (increased by 20%). Good E-Reader released a comparison video about Carta 1200 vs Carta 1300 five months ago. However, except that the black is slightly darker when displayed, there is no obvious difference. Readers can watch and judge by themselves.

Interestingly, this time the 2024 version of Poke5 is not the first aragonite Boox 6-inch model using Carta 1300. In fact, as early as November last year, they launched the exclusive model Livingstone 3 in Russia.

If you are not in China and want to buy a compact Poke5, you may be curious when an upgraded version of the overseas version of Poke5 will be released? Regarding this, Boox has not made an official announcement, but the Aragonite general agent in Hong Kong is already selling the 2024 version of Poke5 (overseas version), and our E-Reader Pro is also supplying this version. If you want to buy this 2024 version of Poke5, it is recommended to inquire with the relevant agent first.

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