E-Ink新品:文石Boox在中國推出Tab8 C及Leaf3

E-Ink new products: Boox launches Tab8 C and Leaf3 in China

Aragonite Boox held a new product launch conference in China today (September 20), bringing two new products to Chinese users - the 7.8-inch Kaleido 3 color e-paper tablet Tab8 C and the 7-inch black and white Leaf 3. Overseas Aragonite users should be familiar with these new models, because they actually correspond to the overseas limited models Tab Mini C and Page released by Aragonite earlier.

Looking at the two pairs of Tab8 C and Tab Mini C, as well as Leaf3 and Page, the hardware configuration and mold of the Chinese version and the overseas version are close to the same. Let’s look at the former first. As a Tab series that both has Aragonite’s self-developed independent graphics chip, the Tab Mini C has an extra rear 16-megapixel lens than the Tab8 C. The rest of the hardware configuration is the same; the difference between Page and Leaf3 is the back cover. , Page has an unknown pattern printed on the back cover, while Leaf3 only has "BOOX" in the center, and the hardware configuration is the same. If you want to know more about its specifications, you can refer to the following official specification sheet:

If you want to know the difference between the Chinese version and the overseas version of Aragonite Reader, please refer to the article "Must Read Before Buying Aragonite Boox Reader to Understand the Differences between the Chinese Version and Overseas Version ". If you want to know the comparison between these two models If there are any upgrades from the previous generation, you can read earlier reports .

In fact, inthe video of Page unboxing and specification analysis produced by shop owner Ji Chen earlier, he had raised a question: Page is an upgraded model of Leaf 2 and has the same mold and appearance. It is more appropriate to call it Leaf 3. I don’t understand. Why does Aragonite have another name overseas, which makes people think it is a new product line (it is not), instead of directly calling it Leaf3. Unexpectedly, after Page returned to China, he would indeed be called Leaf3. Aragonite's market strategy is indeed difficult to fathom.

Tab8 C is priced at 2799RMB, with a first-release discount of 2699RMB; Leaf3 is priced at 1599RMB, with a first-release discount of 1499RMB. Users who are interested in purchasing can order from China’s Tmall, JD.com and other malls.

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