E-Ink新品:Boox Palma的神秘雙胞胎──Boox Kant

New E-Ink Product: The Mysterious Twin of Boox Palma──Boox Kant

After Onyx Boox launched the mobile phone-sized reader Palma (Portal) in mid-July, all pre-sale quotas were sold out within one day, and the response was very enthusiastic. Since this Palma is Boox 's attempt to explore a new size, it is officially marked as Early Adopter Edition, and there is no official information on when the official version will be launched. Interestingly, about a month later (August 7), Russia's Boox distributor online store launched a product called Kant, which looks exactly the same as Palma.

Compared with the product page of the website introducing Boox Kant, this Kant can be regarded as a weakened version of Palma. The molds and specifications of the two are roughly the same, including screen, speaker, Bluetooth, TF card slot, battery and other items, but Palma has 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, while Kant has greatly reduced to only 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM; In terms of processors, Palma advertises that it uses Qualcomm advanced octa-core, which is estimated to be Qualcomm 662, while Kant uses quad-core 2.0Ghz. One thing that has not been confirmed yet is that the biggest selling point of Palma is that it is equipped with Boox Tab series discrete graphics chip, which has BOOX Super Refresh (BSR) technology, but this configuration is not mentioned at all on Kant's introduction page. It is unknown whether there will be castrated (most likely).

The Boox Kant is priced at $199.99, $50 less than the Palma, which pre-ordered in July. If you missed Palma on that day, if you see this and want to order a Kant to make up for it, it may be too late, because the owner Duchen checked the website on the morning of August 8 and saw the option to buy, but at night after writing At that time, the purchase option has disappeared, maybe it is sold out (some American netizens shared that they have ordered one, and it needs to pay 40 US dollars for shipping to the United States), or it may be off the shelves for some reason.

Boox Kant product page

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