E-Ink新品:文石Boox發布了兩款海外限定的10.3吋彩機Note Air3 C及Tab Ultra C Pro

E-Ink new products: Boox releases two overseas-limited 10.3-inch color machines, Note Air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro

Boox just launched the Note X3 and Tab10C Pro in China last Thursday. A few days later, it was the turn of the new overseas models to debut. Today (October 17), Boox held an overseas new product launch conference and released two overseas limited edition color machines, also 10.3-inch color machines - Note Air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro.

Let me introduce the two new models in detail and compare the upgrades of the previous generation (Note Air2 Plus/Tab Ultra C). Let’s talk about the Note Air3 C, which has changed a lot.

The first is the display. Note Air3 C is the first color model of the Note Air series. It uses the latest Kaleido 3 E-Ink screen, which displays black and white at 300PPI, which is more detailed than the previous generation’s 227PPI, and color at 150PPI. In addition, the official emphasized that the current generation glass cover is 27% thinner than the previous generation, making the display clearer and more transparent. The surface of the screen is also equipped with a film unique to the Note Air series, especially used to improve writing effects, bringing a class-like effect. The feeling of writing on paper.

In terms of hardware, Boox has decentralized the independent graphics chip that was previously unique to the Tab series to Note Air3 C. The processor has also been upgraded from the previous generation Qualcomm 8-core 2.0GHz (i.e. Qualcomm 662) to Qualcomm 8-core 2.4GHz (Boox’s usual practice. The model was not specified, but it was mentioned to be a 4+4 core. After searching for information, there may be two that meet the parameters, Qualcomm 680 or Qualcomm 835, but I am not sure), and the performance has been improved; it is also 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. , but this generation of ROM uses the newer UFS2.2 format. In addition, Note Air3 C finally adds a TF card that can be inserted, supports up to 2TB MicroSD cards, and also adds support for fingerprint unlocking on the power button. On the system, Note Air3 C will be upgraded to Android 12.

The mold has also been slightly adjusted. Although the design and materials (aluminum alloy body) are the same as the previous generation, the frame of this generation has been narrowed by 1mm. The entire body is more detailed than the previous generation, with the length reduced by 3.4mm and wider. The height has been reduced by 2.4mm, but the thickness has been maintained. The overall size is 226mm*193mm*5.8mm.

The last item is that Boox has designed a new magnetic folding protective cover for this new phone, which has three usage modes, including upright reading, horizontal reading and diagonal writing.

Three usage forms of the new protective cover .

To sum up, the Note Air3 C can be regarded as the Tab Ultra C without a lens. Although the memory is half less (128GB ROM vs 64GB ROM), the price is relatively cheaper, and it also has a separate graphics chip, so there will be no update issues. Loss.

It’s the turn of the most anticipated Tab Ultra C Pro, which is the overseas limited version of the Chinese version of Tab10C Pro.

Let’s talk about the hardware first. While the screen and rear lens are the same as the previous generation, the biggest upgrade is reflected in the processor, which has been upgraded from Qualcomm 662 to Qualcomm 8-core 2.8GHz (presumably the same Qualcomm 855 as the Tab10C Pro), and the RAM has been upgraded from 4GB to 6GB, it is estimated that the actual experience will be more enjoyable. In addition, the system version has also been upgraded to Android 12.

In terms of mold, two new volume buttons are added on the right side of the fuselage to facilitate user adjustment. In addition, regarding the weight that was a problem for previous generations, officials also stated that the current generation will lose 30 grams. In order to solve the problem of the previous generation's pogo pin on the left side of the fuselage, which had insufficient magnetic force and was easily loosened when used with a keyboard cover, Boox specially designed a new keyboard cover with a touchpad for this generation. The pogo pin is turned into a The back of the machine boasts strong suction and is not easy to loosen. The protective cover also comes with a stand that can be adjusted between 120 degrees and 180 degrees (i.e., lying flat) for stable support.

Due to the upgraded hardware of Tab Ultra C Pro, which brings stronger performance and a more practical keyboard cover, Boox positions it as a professional tool to enhance user productivity and be used for office work.

In terms of pricing, Note Air3 C is $499.99/£499.99/€549.99, available from today; Tab Ultra C Pro is $649.99/£649.99/€699.99, and will be officially released on October 27.

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