E-Ink新品:文石Boox發布兩款中國限定新型號Note X3青春版及Note X3 Pro

E-Ink new products: Onyx Boox releases two new China-limited models, Note X3 Youth Edition and Note X3 Pro

After a week of warm-up , Onyx Boox finally released two new 10.3-inch black and white models limited to China today - Note X3 Youth Edition and Note X3 Pro, which are respectively a weakened and enhanced version of the Note X3 released half a year ago. Version.

Let me first introduce you to the Note X3 Youth Edition. It uses the same E-Ink panel as the Note Higher, the display effect is better. The processor continues to use the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, but the RAM is reduced from 4GB to 3GB, and the ROM is also doubled to only 32GB. However, TF cards can still be inserted, supporting a maximum capacity of 1TB. The rest of the hardware configuration, even the mold and weight, are the same for both generations, and they also have handwriting functions . It is worth mentioning that the battery has not been reduced, but has been increased from 3700 mAh to 4100 mAh. The above changes result in a price difference of 600 RMB, and users can purchase it for only 1,999 RMB.

The Note X3 Pro highlighted by Aragonite Boox has major changes and upgrades. First of all, the screen uses E-Ink Carta 1200, a black and white panel with 300PPI (resolution 2480x1860), which is indeed the first time it is available on the market (also a large screen 300PPI, Kindle Scribe is 10.2 inches; iFlytek X3 and Smart X3 is 10.65 inches). In addition, unlike the youth version, the Pro version will continue to have a reading light. Another change is that the mold has been changed. The all-metal body has grown slightly (from 227mm to 235mm) and narrowed slightly (from 186.5mm to 183mm). The back of the machine has been replaced with a plain leather back panel, which is surprising. What’s more, the thickness has been reduced from 6.7mm to 5.5mm, and the weight has been reduced by 40 grams, weighing only 395 grams! The pre-order price of Note X3 Pro is 2999RMB.

By the way, the two new phones will also be embedded with Boox OS functions recently developed by Onyx Boox, including global handwriting in the APP, and users can call up the AI ​​model at any time for dialogue and inquiry. If you are interested in the Onyx Boox X3 series, you can go to its self-operated flagship store to order.

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