E-Ink新品:文石Boox發布中國限定的Note X3及Tab10C Pro,有令人意外的硬件升級!

E-Ink new products: Boox releases China-limited Note X3 and Tab10C Pro, with surprising hardware upgrades!

In 2023, Boox will launch many new models, most of which will launch overseas versions first and then the corresponding Chinese versions. Boox has been accustomed to releasing upgraded models in this quarter. This time they have done the opposite. First, they launched two new 10.3-inch models today (October 12) limited to China, one black and one color. ─Note X3 and Tab10C Pro.

Let me introduce the two new models in detail and compare the upgrades of the previous generation (Note X2/Tab10C). Let’s first talk about the Note X3, which is positioned as cost-effective, allowing users to experience the Boox large screen at the most affordable price.

The mold, appearance and screen of the Note The iconic insertable TF card of the X series is still retained in this generation. The official press conference mentioned that the current generation X3 uses a Qualcomm 8-core 2.4Ghz processor that is 25% faster than the X2 (because the data is different from the Qualcomm 662, it is not yet determined which model it is); although it also has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, the current generation ROM format is UFS2.2, and the reading and writing speed will be faster than the previous generation eMMC5.1; and the system version has also been upgraded to Android 12. In terms of system, the current generation X3 boasts "AI + PDF reading and writing", with built-in AI functions that can generate summaries of texts for users.

Source: Boox new product launch conference

What is even more eye-catching is the flagship model of Boox color machine, Tab10C Pro. This new phone, which was released only half a year after the previous generation, has brought some surprises.

First of all, as expected, the screen of Tab10C Pro is the same as Tab10C, using Kaleido 3 technology. But what is exciting is the processor upgrade! This Pro uses the new 7nm process Qualcomm 8-core processor (one 2.8Ghz, three 2.4Ghz and four 1.8Ghz). Judging from the official AnTuTu running score of 580,000 points, it is very possible. It’s Qualcomm 865! This will be a big leap forward in performance, but whether the power consumption will also be greatly improved remains to be tested by users after shipment. Due to the upgrade of the processor and the addition of the Tab series independent graphics chip, the official introduction is that the Pro will have "BSR─Color + color adjustment" in color display, which will perform better. The RAM has also increased from 4GB to 6GB in the previous generation. Although the ROM is still 128GB, it uses the newer UFS3.1 format, which is faster in reading and writing than the previous generation UFS2.1. Like Note X3, the system version has also been upgraded to Android 12. On the back of the camera, a 16-megapixel lens has been added, making it the same rear lens as the overseas version of the Tab Ultra series.

But please note that the battery of Tab10C Pro is much thinner than the previous generation, from 6300 mAh to 4600 mAh, but in exchange the weight is reduced from the official 470 grams to 440 grams.

It is also worth mentioning in terms of accessories. In order to implement the Pro name, Boox has launched a magnetic keyboard cover for it. The new selling point is that in addition to the keyboard, this protective cover also has a touchpad underneath for user convenience. Accurate operation and convenient for office work.

Source: Boox new product launch conference

These two new models of systems will be equipped with the latest Boox OS v3.5 when leaving the factory. This new version has actually been tested as a Beta version overseas for some time. It seems that Boox believes it is mature enough to be launched on the market, and is expected to It will be gradually downgraded to older models at a later date.

In terms of pricing, the initial price of Note X3 is 2599RMB, Tab10C Pro is 4699RMB, and the new keyboard cover is 499 yuan.

The Chinese version of Tab10C Pro has arrived, will the overseas version of Tab Ultra C Pro be far behind? Please wait and see.


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