E-Ink新品:文石BOOX推出黑白7吋 Page及彩色7.8吋Tab Mini C

New E-Ink product: Onyx BOOX launches black and white 7-inch Page and color 7.8-inch Tab Mini C

After Onyx BOOX launched the large-size color model Tab Ultra C in late April, which was very popular in overseas markets, today (June 25) it also launched a small size, 7.8-inch color Tab Mini C, and 7-inch black and white Page.

In addition to using the latest Kaleido 3 color panel (black and white 300PPI, color 150PPI), you can guess from the Tab prefix, it is also equipped with the unique independent display chip of the BOOX Tab series, providing the most Good refresh performance. In terms of hardware, the Tab Mini C uses the same Qualcomm 662 processor and 4GB RAM as the Tab Ultra C, but only has 64GB ROM; Bluetooth, speakers, radio microphones, gravity sensors, etc. are all equipped, and the Android 11 system is used. It is worth mentioning that this 7.8-inch model is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery. Although it is 2mm thicker than the previous generation Nova Air C (the current generation is 8.3mm thicker), it is still a few grams lighter! (Mini C officially weighs 264 grams).

In terms of mold, Tab Mini C and Nova Air C are the same size, only the thickness is different, and there will be a BOOX pattern on the bottom of the back cover that is only available in the Tab series.

By the way, the appearance of Tab Mini C means that the overseas version of BOOX finally has a Tab series with all sizes. The Tab 8 launched by BOOX last year was only sold in the Chinese market, and there is no corresponding overseas version.

Another new product, the 7-inch Page with two physical keys, can be regarded as an upgraded version of the Leaf2. The processor uses Qualcomm 662, 3GB RAM, and the battery is also larger, with 2300 mAh; the screen also uses E-Ink Carta1200 (resolution 1680x1264, 300PPI), is also equipped with Bluetooth, speaker, radio microphone, gravity sensor and Android 11 system; even the size and thickness of the body are the same, the difference is that the Page will weigh 195 grams, and there is only a flat screen version , and two physical keys are equipped on the right side of the fuselage, which is the opposite of Leaf2.

In terms of pricing, the Tab Mini C is $449.99 in the US / €499.99 in Europe / £449.99 in the UK; the Page is $249.99 in the US / €279.99 in Europe / £249.99 in the UK.

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