E-Ink新品:Bigme大我即將於五月底推出兩款E-Ink智慧型手機 HiBreak 系列

E-Ink new products: Bigme will launch two E-Ink smartphones in the HiBreak series at the end of May

Bigme is expected to launch two new smartphones at the end of May, which will also be the first time the company has launched a smartphone. The two new series of phones are named HiBreak, one of which uses the latest generation of color e-paper technology Kaleido 3, and the other is equipped with a black and white display.

Both phones feature flash cameras, run Google Android operating system, and offer full access to the Google Play Store. Additionally, these phones also support USB-C connectivity. Bigme has not officially announced the specific price of the HiBreak color smartphone, but according to the Good E-Reader store page, the color model is priced at US$459.99 and the black and white model is US$399.99, and is expected to start shipping at the end of June.

It is worth noting that there are not many modern smartphones equipped with E INK screens on the market. The only company that specializes in such products is Hisense. However, after they closed their self-operated mobile phone Tmall flagship store in the middle of last year, their traces have almost disappeared. After withdrawing from this market, there will no longer be new products launched. The Palma launched by Aragonite Boox in September last year, although it looks like a mobile phone, is just a reader and does not have the function of mobile phone communication. Therefore, Bigme announced the launch of E Ink mobile phone this time, which attracted a lot of attention. At present, the specific technical specifications of this new mobile phone have not been fully disclosed. As the product launch date approaches, we expect to have more information about its technical specifications, and will report to you at that time.

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