E-Ink新品跟進:Bigme S6 Color+搶先海外推出,現正預售中

Follow-up of new E-Ink products: Bigme S6 Color+ is the first to be launched overseas and is now on pre-sale

A few days ago, Bigme released the 7.8-inch S6 Color upgrade model S6 Color+. ( Portal ) This news was announced by its official Weibo account "Bigme Smart Office Book". There is no specific release date yet, and there is only one sentence at the end, "Stay tuned". Unexpectedly, in just a few days, while the Chinese market is still waiting, Bigme will be the first to release this new model overseas.

Bigme is pre-selling the S6 Color+ set in its overseas official store Bigme Store. Users who pre-order before next Monday will receive an original protective case and a $20 discount. The pre-sale price of the entire set is $479. The official website says it will start shipping on July 24, which is quite fast!

This S6 Color+ will be the same as the Bigme InkNote Color series, it will be embedded with ChatGPT APP, users can chat with it, write and summarize meeting minutes. In addition, Bigme's newly developed "automatic ghosting elimination algorithm" will of course appear in this overseas version. The official introduction is called "proprietary automatic ghosting elimination algorithm", which can greatly improve users' experience in reading, browsing the Internet and watching videos. In addition, it is equipped with front and rear dual cameras, which is also a rare configuration for E-Ink products. The front camera is 5 megapixels and the rear camera is 8 megapixels. It is advertised that the former can be used for selfies, while the latter can be used for scanning documents.

Readers who are interested in booking can go to their official website for details.

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