E-Ink new product: Bigme launches new 7.8-inch color smart exercise book S2

In September last year, Bigme released a 10.3-inch color smart exercise book B2 , boasting a large number of built-in learning resources and AI intelligent tutoring functions, which can meet the learning needs of children from primary school to high school. A few months later, Bigme announced on January 23 the launch of the 7.8-inch smart exercise book S2, which is also a color version.

This S2 uses a 7.8-inch Kaleido3 color panel, providing black and white 300PPI (resolution 1872x1404) and color 150PPI (936x702) display effects. Like the larger B2, it has an eight-core 2.3GHz processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. However, there is only an 8-megapixel rear lens and no front lens. Other heating and cooling dual-color headlights, speakers, radio microphones and electromagnetic pens are all equipped, and it also supports Micro-USB cards up to 1TB.

Since it is billed as an "intelligent learning exercise book", the biggest selling point of S2 is of course that it covers elementary school to high school, claiming to have integrated more than 40,000 lessons of learning resources. Like B2, users can complete exercises generated by the system and submit them to AI for automatic correction; it also has a built-in "Photo Search" function. After taking pictures of homework questions through the camera, the system will analyze and provide solutions to the problems.

Compared to the B2 which costs 4299 RMB, the S2 is priced at 2999 RMB, with a pre-sale discount of 2799 RMB . It has the same system and functions, but is smaller in size and cheaper. Bigme gives users one more choice this time.

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