E-Ink新品:Bigme即將推出升級成彩色Kaleido 3面板的S6 Color+

New E-Ink product: Bigme is about to launch S6 Color+ which is upgraded to a color Kaleido 3 panel

In 2023, Bigme will focus on the layout of the color line. One of the key actions is to upgrade the product line and switch to the latest Kaleido 3 panel. After the 10.3-inch InkNote Color was upgraded to InkNote Color+ in the first season ( portal ), this time it is the turn of the 7.8-inch S6 Color to be upgraded to S6 Color+.

This new product is not only equipped with the latest Kaleido 3 panel, which improves the color display from 100PPI (624x468) of the previous generation to 150PPI (936x702), which is more refined, but also equipped with the latest "automatic afterimage elimination algorithm". It provides a 12FPS refresh effect, and it is advertised that it can effectively solve the afterimage problem of the color ink screen. But by the way, the xPower fast refresh technology used by Bigme in the previous generation of S6 Color is also 12 frames per second, and the effect of the automatic image removal algorithm is not known yet.

As for the rest of the hardware specifications, the S6 Color+ is basically the same as the previous generation. It continues to be an octa-core 2.3GHz processor (the search information should be Helio P35, 12mn process, performance is similar to Qualcomm 625), equipped with 6+128GB. It is also equipped with warm and cold two-color headlights, speakers, Bluetooth, dual microphones, TF card slot and Android 11 system.

Bigme emphasized in the promotional article that "the new product will bring you a new and pleasant experience of using the machine, and completely refresh the inherent understanding of the problem of color ink screen afterimage." At this stage, Bigme has not yet announced the pricing and official release date of this new product in China, let us wait and see.

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