New E-Ink product: jointly launched by Bigme and JDRead, the world's first smart learning book with color ink screen B2

Bigme and JDRead released a joint E-Ink product in August, which is advertised as the world's first color ink screen smart learning book B2, compared with similar competing products that only have black and white ink screens (such as Hanwang AI electronic paper learning book S10 , Yuanfudao Xiaoyuan learns to practice machine ), with advantages.

If you have followed Bigme's products all the way, you should have a sense of familiarity with this B2. Its appearance is quite similar to the InkNote Color series, and its hardware specifications are also quite consistent with its youth version, including the same 10.3-inch color Kaleido 3 screen, 8-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, and front and rear dual cameras. The difference is that B2 has built-in learning systems and resources specially designed for school children.

The biggest selling point of the smart learning book B2 is that the device covers classroom resources from elementary school to high school. It is advertised that "the content has been reviewed and approved by prestigious schools and schools". Users can choose grades and semesters in the settings, and the system will generate exercises for users to complete according to their level . , and then it can be automatically corrected by AI, with problem analysis and classroom explanation videos, so that students can gradually master the knowledge. In addition, B2 has the function of "photographing and searching questions". After taking pictures of homework questions through the camera, the device will analyze and provide you with ideas for solving the questions.

The device comes with an AI model "smart question and answer" function, and students can chat with it to get inspiration and answers. There is also a "smart writing", which can write down the topic, and it can generate outlines and articles. The above two functions should be the disassembly and repackaging of ChatGPT attached to Bigme's earlier update.

In addition to the above-mentioned core learning elements, B2 also has the note-taking and reading functions of the reader, as well as the built-in Jingdong Bookstore, which allows users to draw pictures, write diaries, or read e-books in their spare time. In addition, in order to prevent students from abusing the device, third-party apps can only be installed with the authorization of parents.

This color e-paper tablet for the Chinese learning market has been sold on JD.com, priced at 4299RMB.

Bigme Smart Learning Book B2 Jingdong page

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