E-Ink新品:Bigme InkNote Color Lite──InkNote Color+青春版的國際版本

New E-Ink product: Bigme InkNote Color Lite──The international version of InkNote Color+ Youth Edition

As far as Chinese manufacturers of E-Ink devices are willing to jump out of China and invest in developing overseas markets, the mainstream are only Onyx BOOX, DASUNG, and Bigme. Huawei is considered as a newcomer to the E-Ink market, with one foot in the door. Among these four brands, Bigme is the most aggressive. It usually adopts new technologies at the forefront, and also makes good use of crowdfunding to test the water temperature of overseas markets, whether it is Kaleido 3’s InkNote Color+ or Gallery. The same is true for Galy of 3. This time InkNote Color Lite is an attempt to popularize the brand.

When Bigme launched the InkNote Color+ Youth Edition in China at the end of April, the price of the Kaleido 3 10.3-inch color electronic tablet was reduced by 1500RMB through hardware downgrades, and entered the price range of 4000RMB. About three weeks later, Bigme also quickly launched the corresponding overseas version ── InkNote Color Lite, priced at $519, and there is a promotional price of $499 on the Bigme Store.

Compared with InkNote Color+, the main difference of this Lite version is that it is reduced from 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM to 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. In addition, the LTE function is also deleted, and the rest of the hardware, system and functions remain unchanged, and the built-in ChatGPT. In exchange for this downgrade, the former’s US$699 becomes the current US$499, which brings enough price difference and attractiveness, and also makes this Lite the cheapest (in fact, it’s not cheap...) in the market. The Kaleido 3 10.3-inch color machine I bought.

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