E-Ink新品:Bigme HiBreak系列墨水屏手機規格曝光

E-Ink new product: Bigme HiBreak series ink screen mobile phone specifications exposed

A few days ago, I reported to you that BIgme will soon launch the HiBreak series of E-Ink smartphones . Since I received more information about new product specifications from Bigme today, I will introduce it to you immediately.

This time, Bigme HiBreak is equipped with a screen size of 5.84 inches, and is available in black and white and color versions. The hardware specifications are also divided into two combinations, one is the 8-core MTK6765 (that is, it should be the Helio P35, 12mn process, the safety and immunity test score is about 150,000 ) and 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, running Android11 ​​open system; the other The model is MediaTek Dimensity 900 (6mn process, security test score is about 400,000 points ) with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, running Android14 open system. Since among the two processors, only the Dimensity 900 can support 5G, it is currently unknown whether the HiBreak series will support 5G signals. Bigme will release one of them first in May (but it is unknown which one), and the other version is not expected to be officially released until the fourth quarter of this year.

Bigme said that the HiBreak series will have their own self-developed fast refresh algorithm (which should be the xRapid refresh technology that has been advertised in their products) and patented automatic image removal technology to give users a better user experience. Regarding the price that readers are most concerned about, Bigme only shared the "product price range". The combination of color screen with MTK6765 is between 249-339 US dollars, and the combination with Dimensity 900 is between 369-459 US dollars; the combination with black and white screen The MTK6765 combination is between US$219-309, and the combination with Dimensity 900 is between US$339-429.

If you are interested in the Bigme HiBreak series, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.

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