E-Ink product: BagTag luggage tag─New technology helps airport luggage tracking

With the arrival of the Thanksgiving holiday, U.S. airports are experiencing peak passenger traffic. Against this background, Lufthansa Group’s Discover Airlines and Icelandair and other airlines are adopting a high-tech electronic luggage tag, BagTag, to achieve all-round tracking of luggage.

BagTag, a 3.5-inch electronic tag, priced at 66,07 Flex, integrates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC) and UHF RFID technologies, and is equipped with an E-Ink display. This innovation allows travelers to check in their bags in advance using the airline’s app at home, and instantly update flight and destination information on the tag.

BagTag was founded in Amsterdam in 2014 with the aim of becoming the first provider of secure electronic luggage tags. In addition to traditional baggage handling methods, BagTag is also committed to using new technologies to improve baggage tracking efficiency. For example, Delta Air Lines has adopted luggage tags with built-in UHF RFID chips to automatically track luggage.

Customers can attach the BagTag to their checked luggage and complete the check-in process through the airline's mobile app. When passengers arrive at the airport, the E-Ink barcode on the tag will be scanned to confirm the baggage's identity and flight information, and then routed accordingly. If the airport has corresponding self-service luggage counters, customers can send their luggage directly there to avoid queuing. Currently, 16 airlines have adopted this technology, and we expect more airlines to adopt this technology in the future to bring convenience to more customers.

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