E-Ink新品:模組化電池與透明背蓋──突破傳統的7.8吋Supernote A6 X2 Nomad

E-Ink new product: modular battery and transparent back cover──the 7.8-inch Supernote A6 X2 Nomad breaks the tradition

Supernote is a unique presence in the reader market, focusing on electronic paper note-taking functions. Its Iron Heart series of EMR electromagnetic pens are also famous for their replaceable ceramic pen tips and are very popular in Europe and the United States. They have just released the latest 7.8-inch upgraded model Supernote A6 X2 Nomad, which is quite innovative.

This time, Supernote’s new product adopts a rare modular replaceable battery design. Users can remove the back cover and remove a few screws to easily replace the battery (they even include a screwdriver for you!), no more. I am afraid that the entire device will be scrapped due to battery problems.

Modular design. (Source: Supernote)

Another feature is that in addition to the white body option, this time Supernote also has the Crystal option. The transparent back cover and see-through device parts bring a sense of technology. This design is truly the first in the reader industry.

Crystal transparent back cover. (Source: Supernote)

In terms of hardware configuration, this generation has also been upgraded compared to the previous generation A6 ; Finally switched to USB-C port (supports charging, headphones and OTG), and supports Bluetooth and G-Sensor, finally integrating with mainstream electronic products. Another important upgrade is that the screen is covered with Wacom FeelWrite 2 soft self-healing protective film, which gives users a paper-like writing feel and will not scratch the screen even with a ceramic pen tip. However, the current generation battery is smaller than the previous generation, only 2700 mAh, and is slightly heavier by 7 grams, with a net weight of 262 grams.

Supernote A6 Supernote is expected to ship to US users in mid-December and European users at the end of December. Interested readers should go to its official website to pre-order.

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