E-Ink產品:補遺介紹7.8吋Kaleido3彩機──國悅V6 Color

E-Ink products: Addendum introducing the 7.8-inch Kaleido3 color machine──Guoyue V6 Color

What we are reporting today is not a new product, but a 7.8-inch color machine that was released four months ago, the Guoyue V6 Color. It is said that the Chinese brand Guoyue released the 10.3-inch color machine K3 Color using Kaleido 3 in late May, and less than a month later, it also launched the K3 7.8-inch model, enriching its color product line.

When we introduced the K3 Color last time, we explained to everyone that Guoyue and Bigme are brother brands. The two share their own core technologies, and this Guoyue V6 Color is no exception. It is quite similar to Bigme's S6 Color+. It uses the same mold (but different colors), Kaleido 3 screen and processor. It is equipped with the same Bigme fast refresh technology XRapid and reading program. The smart electromagnetic pen is also the same, but in Hardware specifications have been weakened.

This Guoyue V6 Color is the same as our recent models, using MediaTek’s eight-core Helio P35 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM; it has a TF card slot and supports up to 1TB. Dual-color headlights, Bluetooth, speakers, radio microphones, etc. are also equipped. It is worth mentioning that it uses the open system of Android 11. Although there is no Google Play, third-party APPs can be freely installed.

Guoyue is positioned for the Chinese market, offering similar (but weaker specifications) options at a cheaper price than Bigme. The current price of this V6 Color is 2599RMB . Taking similar competing products as a reference, the current price of Boox China-limited Tab8C is 2699RMB.


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