E-Ink News: Walmart announces adoption of ESL system in 2,300 stores to improve operational efficiency

Walmart began deploying electronic shelf label systems (ESL) last year. At that time, it said it would complete the installation of 500 stores in the first 12 to 18 months, requiring a total of 60 million ESLs. It seems that the American retail giant has tasted the benefits of operating the new system in the past year. Last week (June 6), it announced that it plans to fully promote this technology in 2,300 stores in the United States (that is, half of Walmart’s branches in the United States). , it is expected to complete all deployments by 2026. This move aims to improve the efficiency of price tag management in stores and provide customers with a better shopping experience.

The introduction of the ESL system was a major change for Wal-Mart management. Through this system, store clerks can update the prices of more than 120,000 items in minutes, while updating traditional paper labels takes two days. All price changes can be operated remotely through a dedicated application, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition, the ESL system supports eye-catching color display, which is very suitable for product promotion, making the products more eye-catching on the shelves.

This deployment not only improves Walmart's operational efficiency, but is also expected to have a positive impact on system integrator SES-magotag and supply chain partners. For example, Yuantai Technology, which provides electronic paper required for ESL, and Jinghong Technology, which provides driver ICs. This time, Walmart’s further large-scale deployment is expected to continue to drive North American retailers to accelerate the adoption of ESL technology.

According to Luotu Technology’s annual report, last year (2023), global electronic paper label (ESL) shipments were 206 million pieces. Due to Wal-Mart's strong adoption and subsequent impact, it is estimated that this number will maintain an upward trend this year and the next.

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