E-Ink News: American retail giant Wal-Mart will deploy ESL systems in 500 stores across the United States, and a total of 60 million ESLs will be required in the first phase

SES-imagotag, an ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) system integrator invested by BOE, announced that it has reached a new agreement with the American retail giant Walmart (Walmart), and will deploy the latest generation of VUSION retail Internet of Things for hundreds of Walmart stores across the United States. Platform and ESL. This agreement needs to be deployed for many years. The first phase will be completed in the next 12-18 months with 500 strongholds, requiring a total of 60 million ESLs.

Walmart said changing price tags in stores is time-consuming for employees, and they have been testing digital solutions to help manage price changes electronically, giving employees more time to serve customers. Wal-Mart has seen concrete results from the previous adoption of ESL, and will expand the introduction of ESL. As soon as this news came out, not only did SES-imagotag’s stock price soar by 44%, but supply chain partners including Yuantai Technology, which provides electronic paper for ESL, and Jinghong Technology, which drives ICs, both had their stock price limit-up locked on the 28th. The electronic paper technology provided by Yuantai Technology is one of the core technologies required by ESL, so as the demand for ESL market increases, Yuantai Technology will also benefit from this trend. In particular, Yuantai Technology increased the capital of SES-imagotag with 26 million euros in 2018 and obtained a 6.02% stake in it. The two have become a closer cooperative relationship.

Li Zhenghao, chairman of Yuantai Technology, believes that Wal-Mart's big move is expected to drive North American retailers to accelerate the adoption of ESL, which will bring explosive growth in the demand for ESL in the North American market. He is optimistic that ESL will become Yuantai's main growth momentum next year.

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