E-Ink新聞:美國Amazon Kindle系列限時推廣優惠(已完結)

E-Ink News: US Amazon Kindle Series Limited Time Promotion Offer (Completed)

As the big brother of e-readers, Amazon's Kindle has always had a lot of supporters. Since the release of their first 10.2-inch Kindle Scribe in November last year, it is not only the first Kindle model with handwriting function, but also the world's first 10-inch or larger E-Ink screen with 300PPI, so it has been favored by many E-Ink enthusiasts focus on.

If you've been fascinated by this Scribe, but haven't acted on it, maybe now is the time. March is the National Reading Mouth in the United States. Amazon in the United States has launched a limited-time discount for the Kindle series (the following prices are all in USD), and the 16GB version of Kindle Scribe (with Basic Pen) is reduced from 339.99 to 289.99; The 32GB version ( with Premium Pen ) is reduced from 389.99 to 329.99; the 64GB version ( with Premium Pen ) is reduced from 419.99 to 354.99. This time the price reduction is the largest since Scribe came out, and it is the cheapest time to start.

The new entry-level Kindle 6.8-inch Paperwhite (8GB) also has a discount. The version with advertisements is reduced from 139.99 to 99.99; the version without advertisements is reduced from 159.99 to 119.99. All the models mentioned above come with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited.

By the way, this limited-time discount on Kindle is only available to Amazon users in the United States, so if you are in a country/region outside the United States, you need to find another shipping company to order. In addition, Amazon only said that this time is a limited-time offer, and did not say when it will end. Please refer to the Amazon website for details.

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