E-Ink News: Flying Elephant Home receives support from e-paper tablets and paperless medical systems to improve the quality of care for sick children

Recently, E Ink Yuantai Technology's pace in the medical field is not only limited to technology development and cooperation with various medical institutions, but also actively participates in public welfare activities. After previously donating more than a thousand color readers to students, the company announced on December 8 that it would cooperate with Kaohsiung Municipal Minsheng Hospital to provide public welfare sponsorship to "Flying Elephant Home", which specializes in caring for severely abused children. This cooperation will introduce a paperless system of electronic paper medical care notebooks, aiming to reduce the workload of medical staff, allowing them to focus more on taking care of sick children, while improving work efficiency and quality of care.

It is worth mentioning that this cooperation not only provides hardware support by Yuantai Technology and supplies Linfiny 13.3-inch e-paper tablets, but also includes Yunfang Information Technology Company’s customized electronic care system for Feixiang Home. This system can be seamlessly connected with the hospital’s smart medical system, enabling two-way editing and real-time updating of data to ensure the integrity and accuracy of care records. This effectively solves many problems faced by paper care records in the past, such as paper being easily damaged, handwriting being difficult to read, key information being easily overlooked, notes being easily lost, etc., further improving the efficiency and quality of the care process, and reducing the work of medical staff. load.

The use of electronic paper can improve the problems of paper records. (Source: E Ink)

In addition, this electronic paper tablet with an E-Ink flexible screen and no glass layer is light, thin and resistant to falling, and can be directly disinfected with alcohol, meeting the needs of medical care; hospitalized children can also use it for daily writing practice. and graffiti, all records can also be synchronized and stored in the system, and can be reviewed at any time to understand the children's learning progress and results.

Yes, I know you can’t believe it, but this flexible screen, e-paper tablet without a glass layer is resistant to falling. (But we don’t recommend testing it!) (Source: E Ink)

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