E-Ink News: Comfortable Waiting in Cold Weather - Test of New Digital Screen Bus Shelter in Mississauga

Energy-saving electronic paper will become more and more popular in public facilities around the world. After I reported last time that Sydney, Australia was the world's first smart parking sign using color E Ink Kaleido™ 3 Outdoor, I am coming back to Ontario, Canada today. In the city of West Shaka, check out public transport company MiWay's testing of local bus shelters.

Public transport company MiWay is trialling new digital screens in Mississauga to improve the customer experience at public transport shelters. These digital screens will provide instant next bus information and display it to passengers in an easy-to-understand format. MiWay is testing two different digital screens, a 13-inch E-Ink screen and a 10-inch reflective LCD screen, to determine which one is more suitable for the new enhanced bus shelters.

The E-Ink screen will display black and white high-contrast information, and there is a button at the bottom of the screen. After pressing it, you can hear the message of the next bus. The screens have already been installed at the 1217 bus stop at the intersection of Mississauga Valley Avenue and Voltaire Crescent, serving route 3 Bloor.

The 10-inch reflective LCD screen displays color information, and there is a button below the screen. After pressing, the information displayed will become high-contrast and larger text. The screens have been installed at the 0661 bus stop at the intersection of Central Park West and Semenick Court Road, serving routes 6 Credit Woodlands and 38 Creditview.

Along with testing these two new types of digital screens, MiWay is installing new enhanced bus shelters on some major roads, offering larger spaces and more seating, as well as heated and enclosed sheltered spaces to increase waiting ridership Comfort in cold weather. MiWay's enhanced bus shelter program will be implemented over the next five years and will be replaced at higher service locations.

The new bus shelter will be equipped with heating, so that passengers can comfortably wait for the bus even in the cold winter.

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