E-Ink News: Beyond the traditional manufacturing process of electronic ink, Subos’ new full-color electronic paper solution

This year is the year when color e-readers are rapidly popularizing. The E-Ink Kaleido technology developed by E-Ink Technology has been accumulated for three generations. After coming to Kaleido 3, the color saturation and display effect have also reached a level that is acceptable to users. To the extent that it can be used normally, unfortunately, it can still only display 4096 colors, which is still a considerable gap compared with LCD. And this situation may turn around in the future.

In view of the key problems of current color electronic paper such as screen flickering, afterimages, inaccurate colors, insufficient brightness, insufficient saturation and production difficulties, SuperC Touch has proposed a new solution: skip the traditional electronic ink film (Electronic Ink Film ) process, focusing on the structural improvement of electronic paper. They apply LCD panel gap layer technology to create microcups directly on the display panel and fill them with electronic ink, and then closely adhere to the upper and lower substrates to quickly complete the production of full-color electronic paper. In addition to significantly reducing production costs, they can also It greatly speeds up the screen update speed and makes the color e-paper more vivid.

It is worth mentioning that Subos said that the full-color e-paper display effect of the new solution is comparable to that of an LCD screen, but it is also ultra-power-saving and eye-friendly.

For the technical details of this new plan, please refer to the detailed report of the Economic Daily .

Subos has successively announced the details of its patented technology and solutions. It is expected that this technology will be developed into mass-produced finished products and will be available to a large number of reader enthusiasts in the future. In the field of electronic paper, it is also worth paying attention to what kind of relationship the company will maintain with E-Ink Technology.

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