E-Ink News: Social media revealed that E Ink Technology has developed a 13.3-inch 300PPI ink screen?

Three days ago (May 8), on the Chinese social media Xiaohongshu, there was a user named "E  Ink Technology-Lian Kun" who was suspected to be an employee of E Ink Technology (Xiaohongshu number: 861151382). Published a hotly discussed post titled "The 13.3-inch 300ppi ink screen is here."

In the comments on this post, "E Ink Technology-Lian Kun" responded enthusiastically to netizens who left messages, and also revealed a lot of relevant information, including that this new 13.3-inch 300 PPI screen module only has a glass screen, and there is no flexible screen model. The model number is ED133KC1.
If this user's message is true, what reader enthusiasts are looking forward to most will be that he said that the same 300PPI color module "already exists and is waiting for various brands to evaluate their plans." It is estimated that it should be like 300PPI 10.3 The 3-inch E-Ink Kaleido 3 screen is the same, the color is half the 150PPI, the display effect should be more detailed than the 13.3-inch color machine mooInk Pro2C launched this year (black and white 206PPI, color 103PPI).

As for the launch time and price that many netizens are concerned about, "E Ink Technology-Liankun" also responded, saying that it is expected that Chinese manufacturers will be the first to use this new screen to develop new products, and may have the opportunity to launch it on Double 11 this year (November 11th) It will be launched on the 11th. After it is made into a tablet, the product price is estimated to be more than 5,000 RMB.

Is the information disclosed by this user true? Everything needs to be verified by time.
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