E-Ink News: Norwegian technology brand reMarkable officially enters the Indian market

With the arrival of new CEO Philip Hess in early 2024 , reMarkable, Norway’s leading e-paper tablet brand, has opened a new chapter in its global expansion. Hess' appointment not only brings a new business vision to the company, but also marks reMarkable's further expansion into the global market, especially its entry into the fast-growing Indian market.

reMarkable is known for its innovative e-paper tablet products, which aim to combine the natural feel of paper with the convenience of digital technology to provide users with a unique writing and reading experience. As the company's flagship product, reMarkable 2 has a 10.3-inch HD E-Ink display, designed to reduce digital distractions and help users focus on creating and learning.

Entering 2024, reMarkable officially announced its entry into the Indian market. This strategy reflects the company's deep insight into the potential of the global market. India, as a rapidly developing economy, has a huge consumer base and high demand for innovative technology products. The launch of reMarkable 2 in India, available to local consumers through the Amazon India platform , not only meets the market's demand for efficient work tools, but also demonstrates reMarkable's ability to provide high-quality products globally. It is also an important part of its product line and business An important expansion of the model (by the way, the reMarkable 2 air conditioner is currently out of stock on Amazon India, and only the Essentials package is available ).

If your understanding of reMarkable 2 is that you can only order it from the official website, you are already far behind the times. reMarkable 2 is already on sale at large retail companies (including online and physical stores) in different countries (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India introduced today). It is foreseeable that reMarkable 2, which has been around for nearly four years, will become more and more popular in the future. However, for reMarkable supporters, what may be more concerning is: when will reMarkable 3 be launched?

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