E-Ink News: reMarkable launches latest version 3.8, bringing more convenient note-taking functions to users

The reMarkable 2, which has been around for nearly three and a half years, is still a benchmark in the e-paper tablet industry and is known for its excellent writing experience. Although many supporters have been looking forward to the emergence of the third generation, reMarkable has no news in this regard. Instead , it has continued to launch upgraded system versions for its flagship product reMarkable 2 in the past year, allowing users to have better experience. And this week, they launched the latest software version 3.8, which brings four new features.

The first is to add the ability to straighten hand-drawn lines on note pages by simply holding the tip of the pen in place to straighten the strokes. With a few simple strokes, users can adjust the angle and length of lines to draw neat graphics.

The second item is that you can add smart checkboxes to your notes to make your own To-Do list. As you complete tasks by clicking or checking boxes, they will be crossed out to indicate completion. This feature is also available in mobile and desktop applications.

The third item is to improve the eraser function in notes, which detects the erased range more accurately and only erases the strokes directly below it without leaving invisible traces or accidentally deleting adjacent lines. .

The last one is a new feature for reMarkable Connect subscribers. They can now use the selection tool in the desktop application to click and drag on the page to select the handwritten note content and move, rotate, zoom or delete it. .

If you are a reMarkable 2 user, remember to check the system update file you have received and try out the new features!

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