E-Ink新聞:Reinkstone R1出貨進展更新及兩款彩色新品R1 Mini/R1 Reader預告

E-Ink News: Reinkstone R1 shipment progress update and two new color products R1 Mini/R1 Reader preview

In late July, we reported on the Reinkstone R1 shipment dilemma ( portal ). Nearly a month later, the situation has progressed—Reinkstone finally obtained a mass-produced 7.8-inch DES screen from the screen manufacturer. Then, the manufacturer will use the technology of the latest 7.8-inch DES screen to manufacture a 10.1-inch DES screen, which is expected to be sent to Reinkstone in October to produce and assemble a new batch of R1. Reinkstone hopes to complete all crowdfunding orders for R1 by the end of this year (should be the last batch). And Reinkstone has been developing and updating the OS of its products along the way. At this stage, the latest version of REINK OS is 1.0. They promise to provide updates for users who received R1 earlier.

And the Reinkstone team didn't waste those batches of 7.8-inch DES screens. They announced that after delivering all the R1s, they would start a new crowdfunding project──R1 Mini, which is exactly the 7.8-inch color DES reader, is now under development , details will be announced later.

As mentioned in the previous report, Reinkstone will launch the 6-inch Kaleido Plus color reader R1 Reader, and it is also predicted that it will be officially launched this week. We will introduce the details of the new product at that time.

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