E-Ink新聞:Reinkstone R1出貨困境 及 即將面世的新彩機6吋 R1 Reader

E-Ink News: Reinkstone R1 Shipment Difficulties and New Color Machine 6-inch R1 Reader Coming Soon

Reinkstone company released an update notice on Kickstarter today. For some R1 backers, it may be another disappointing news—Reinkstone R1 has once again delayed the shipment of the last batch of backers.

In fact, as early as April, in the update of Kickstarter #24, Reinkstone optimistically stated that they will receive the latest batch of DES screens in July, complete the mass production of R1, and successfully send them to the last batch of backers who have not yet received the actual products. . Regrettably, in the update news in May and June, it was stated that the DES screen supplier failed to produce panels on schedule, and there was a delay, so we will wait for the news later.

And going to the latest update in July, the main reason for this delay comes from the screen supplier. The expected latest version of the DES screen will not be delivered this month, and trial samples will have to wait until next month at the earliest. Despite Reinkstone's strong frustration, they also offered two possible solutions. If the screen samples verified next month can meet the standards for mass production, they will immediately place an order and promise to complete production and shipment within three months. But if the quality is not as expected, they will no longer wait, and will choose other technical ways to give backers another solution. They promised to make the final decision and future plans to the backers next month.

Yet amidst this predicament, Reinkstone also brings some new expectations. They revealed that they have developed a 6-inch color e-book reader - R1 Reader. The product uses E-Ink's Kaleido Plus color screen, and supports the Android open system and the Google Play Store. The product will be listed on Reinkstone's official website next month and will give R1 supporters an exclusive discount. Interested backers can request coupons directly from them via email.

Reinkstone has not yet announced the details of the specifications of this 6-inch color machine R1 Reader. Apart from using the Kaleido Plus color panel, we only know that the appearance and color are quite eye-catching orange back cover, with a white front cover, and weighs 150 grams. .

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