E-Ink News: Following Pubu, HyRead e-reader also adds a built-in EinkBro browser

In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic paper technology, more and more consumers have begun to pay attention to E-Ink products. However, due to the special nature of E-Ink screens, the experience of using traditional browsers on such devices is not ideal. As the saying goes, the masters are among the folks. In order to solve this problem, Taiwanese software engineer Daniel Kao designed the EinkBro browser for E-Ink devices. It has been available for three years without knowing it, and has been supported by a large number of e-reader enthusiasts. During this period, more than one hundred versions have been updated, and the latest version is 10.7.0 (June 4, 23).

And this year, the EinkBro browser is no longer just the best kept secret for open e-reader users, but has also gradually entered the mainstream reader brands in Taiwan. Following Pubu in mid-April, its first reader adopts a closed system After the Pubook was updated (version to carry the EinkBro browser, on June 13, HyRead also installed the EinkBro browser for its own two 6-inch closed readers, One S and One SC, through an update. After adding this browser to the closed reader, the device will break through the limitation of the closed system and become more practical.

I look forward to the designer Daniel Kao continuing to update and maintain the EinkBro browser, which will appear on more brands of e-readers in the future to benefit all users.

In the current version, the designer has even integrated the most popular ChatGPT in the browser; and saving the webpage as epub/PDF, it is very practical to switch the reading mode with one click; Beloved. If you have an open e-reader (or the Pubu/HyRead model mentioned above), if you don’t know what the EinkBro browser is here, you can read the "EinkBro APP Basic Usage Teaching" written by the designer first. , and then go to Google Play to download and use it, let's explore it!


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