E-Ink News: PocketBook becomes a shareholder of Bigme and both parties jointly develop new products

The media Good E-Reader reported a big news in the E-Ink industry today: PocketBook announced that it has become an important shareholder and co-owner of the Chinese brand Bigme . This cooperation marks PocketBook's important layout in the e-reader market. This is the first time it has made such a large-scale acquisition since the launch of its first e-reader in 2012. Bigme is known for its courage to innovate and adopt E-Ink new technology to develop new products. The cooperation between the two parties indicates future integration and complementarity in product development and market expansion.

In this cooperation, PocketBook not only holds shares in Bigme, but also actively participates in the joint development of products. Through cross-collaboration, the R&D teams of both parties successfully developed the PocketBook InkPad EO designed specifically for the US and European markets, and launched it just this past April. This new reader combines the technical advantages of both parties and presents the results of their cooperation.

PocketBook's latest InkPad EO is based on the hardware of Bigme InkNote Color+ and has made many improvements. PocketBook has developed customized firmware and systems to make the user interface more suitable for the European and American markets. The most important thing is that the InkPad EO successfully developed through this cooperation has become PocketBook's first model to run the Android open system, allowing PocketBook to explore new reader markets. We estimate that PocketBook will launch more products of different sizes and open systems in the future.

What is curious is that as one of the few Chinese brands that has entered and focused on developing overseas markets (the other is the more familiar brand Boox), what kind of influence will Bigme gain from this transaction and cooperation? the benefits of? What impact will it have on the products they develop in the future? Make people look forward to it.

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