E-Ink News: Onyx BOOX will have a new product launch event on the morning of April 26, and a large-size color printer will be on the scene!

All due to this morning, Onyx BOOX released this news on the official Facebook group BOOX Fans Group :

Onyx BOOX will hold an online new product launch event on its official Youtube channel tomorrow at 10am Hong Kong time. The slogan is "Big. Color". It is expected to launch a 10.3-inch color model. This is the moment that many BOOX users have been waiting for.

At present, in the market, only a few manufacturers have launched or will soon launch color readers using the latest E-Ink technology, and the choices are relatively limited. Bigme’s 10.3-inch InkNote Color+ with Kaleido 3 panel and the 8-inch Galy with Gallery 3 panel have been sold online; Readmoo has pre-ordered in January and successfully shipped the Kaleido 3 panel in mid-April The next batch of 7.8-inch mooInk Plus 2C will be sold in May; MobiScribe is expected to start selling the 7.8-inch WAVE Color with Kaleido 3 panel in June. In addition, Taiwan Pubu announced last week that it will launch a 10.3-inch Pubook Pro using the Kaleido 3 panel, but has not yet confirmed the specific date.

After the release of the new Onyx BOOX product, we will provide you with a detailed introduction, so stay tuned!


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