E-Ink新聞:微軟Word與Amazon Kindle聯手推出「Send document to Kindle」功能

E-Ink News: Microsoft Word and Amazon Kindle jointly launch "Send document to Kindle" function

Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon to bring a new feature to students, office workers, and people who want to read Word documents on the go. The new function can easily export Word files to Amazon Kindle, which is convenient for users to read on Kindle.

According to Joe Belfiore , a retiring Microsoft executive, Microsoft fulfilled its promise and cooperated with Amazon to allow users to export Microsoft Word documents to any Kindle. This feature is now available to Word Insider users and will be released later. Rolled out to all Microsoft 365 subscribers . Users can find the "Send document to Kindle" option under File > Export, log in to the Amazon account and select the export method of "Like a Kindle Book" or "Like a printed document".

The " Like a Kindle Book " option adjusts font size and page layout, and supports handwritten notes using Kindle Scribe. This option is good for reading simply formatted text and on smaller screens. The " Like a printed document " option keeps the page layout and format unchanged, supports writing directly on the page on Kindle Scribe, and is suitable for text with complex formatting and elements such as embedded tables.

The update makes it easier for users to convert Microsoft Word files to Kindle format, making the file read like a Kindle book. However, please note that if the Word document itself has many graphics, tables or complex formats, it may not be fully converted to Kindle format, because Kindle does not support some advanced formats and content.

This new feature is available to all Kindle Scribe users. However, for the "Send document to Kindle" function in Microsoft Word, only Windows users can use it at present, and users of Mac and Web experience will need to update later to get this function.

(Cover image source: twitter @joebelfiore )

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